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Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 Review: A Complete Guide for Your Requirement

If you want to play golf without delays and with accuracy in measuring targets, this Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 is all you’ve got. The device is lightweight and compact, and has a great performance especially for archery or rifle shooting. You might be wondering why this rangefinder makes golfing 10x successful. Let’s dive deep into complete Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 review :

I once had a little chit chat with my friend in high school who is now exhibiting great performance in archery. We both have passion in Sports and in fact, participated in our respective events way back then. He loves archery, and I love golf. We fondly call ourselves “The Hit”, because we both need to hit/shoot in order to win our games.

He introduced me this Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 as his archery buddy. With its pleasing performance in archery, he thought it might also do well in Golf. And so, he lent me one day his device.

This device has an extremely effective angle-compensated laser rangefinder intended for both rifle and archer. Because of its great capability of measuring targets, it is surely can make good shots in golf too.

9 Top Rated Golf Rangefinders of 2017....

RangefindersUSGA Approved?Maximum RangeMagnification
Bushnell Tour V4 Yes 1000 Yards 5X Check Deals
Bushnell Tour Z6 Yes 1300 Yards 6X Magnification Check Deals
Nikon COOLSHOT Yes 550 Yards 6x Magnification Check Deals
Bushnell Pro X7 No 1760 Yards 7x Magnification Check Deals
Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder Yes 600 Yards 6x Magnification Check Deals
Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder Yes 250 Yards 6x Magnification Check Deals
Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Laser Range Finder Yes 600 Yards 6X Magnification Check Deals
Leupold 120464 RX-650 Yes 650 Yards 6x Magnification Check Deals
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Yes 540 Yards 6x Magnification Check Deals

Key Features of Vortex Optics Ranger 1000

Players want the best. Thus, in choosing the best golf rangefinder, a player is undoubtedly would know every single detail of the rangefinder he/she intends to buy. Special features are very important in finding the best rangefinder.


The Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 is competitive with other high end rangefinders when it comes to optics. One can view a vivid image up to 6x magnification. You can turn smoothly the focus wheel, giving you an easy adjustment. All of the optics is fully multi-coated to ensure a long lasting protection. The 22mm lens which is one of the sensitive parts is sealed and waterproof.


The Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 features 2 modes: HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) and LOS (Line of Sight). This device is factory set to HCD since this mode is commonly preferred by users. Such mode gives corrected yardage reading. With your device set into HCD mode, it can provide the key angle compensated range information usually best for rifle and bow shooters.

On the other hand, the LOS is used for raw line of distances and is specialized for rifle shooters who are using slope correcting ballistic drop data cards, ballistic cell phone applications and other ballistic programs. This is great if you need to shoot target beyond 500 yards with slopes greater than 15 degrees.

When Ranger 1000 is being used in golf the HCD mode is always activated. Moreover, the modes are easy to set/change.


Along with your device is a single CR2 battery used to power it up. It has an auto off feature that powers your device off when not in used for about 10 seconds. The auto shut off helps save your battery and ensures a long lasting use in the field.


The Ranger 1000 weighs 7.7 ounces and has compact design. Its length measures 3.9 inches and width with 3 inches. It has a rubberized housing so it won’t slip easily in your hand. It comes with a utility clip so you can just attach the device in your belt or bags for easy access.


  • Fully multi-coated lenses to ensure waterproof and long lasting uses
  • Rubber-armored
  • Up to 6x magnification
  • Features HCD and LOS
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable red LED for different lighting conditions


  • Powered by CR2 battery which is harder to find than AA batteries
  • Users find the measure button noisy
  • Accuracy is limited up to 3 yards only
  • Requires you to press the button for 3 times for the device to display the range of target


Q: Can you use Ranger 1000 in golfing?

Yes you can. However, features are limited as it is especially designed for rifle shooting and archery.

Q: Does Ranger 1000 is good at gathering light?

The device is quite good at gathering light and most of the users find it useful in low light conditions as in bright. It has a LED display (in red color) which brightness is adjustable.

Q: What comes in the box of Ranger 1000?

Ranger 1000 comes with a CR2 battery, user’s guide, lanyard and a tripod.

Q: Does it have warranty?

Yes, just like most of the devices.

Insider Tips

  • Just like other rangefinders, the Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 is very sensitive. It has to be handled with care. Below are some tips to take care of your Ranger 1000.
  • Use only the correct battery (CR2) when powering your device.
  • Once you look into the lens, do not aim your device to the sun. Just use the lens when scanning for a target.
  • Use the clean lens cloth or any soft fabric when cleaning the device especially the lens.
  • When removing dust, use a soft and dry brush.
  • Do not disassemble. When you find problems with your device, always refer to authorize repair centers.
  • Do not allow children to play the device. If possible, keep your device in a cool and dry place.

Last Words

Based on the above Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 reviews, in a scale of 1 to 5, I’d say that it has the score of 4 in rifle shooting and archery, but 3 for golfing. In golf, you would be scanning targets in courses which is usually has a wide area whereas in rifle shooting and archery, there will only be one direction to be focused, thus, the features are more fit to shooting and archery.

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  1. Homer McCullough

    Vortex is an amazing rangefinder. I like its sturdiness. Even at first glance, you can say that the housing is durable and that it really looks so tough. Optics wise, it is great. The only flaw I’ve experience is that sometimes, it doesn’t do a good performance especially when the sun is too hot. But when its quite cloudy, I can experience a full and commendable ranging, however, the weather is not always like that. We are used to play during a sunny day.

    • Hey Homer,
      Happy to know that this post helped you.
      Yes, that’s true. I agree with you. I think this is also a problem experienced not just by vortex and their models but also true to other brands of rangefinders. Some use umbrellas or cover their rangefinders when ranging and it looks like it’s a better strategy.

  2. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your website? Its very well written; but the layout seems not to be user friendly. Maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Thanks for your awesome guide about golf rangefinder!
    By the way, I’d like to visit your site if you have had a subscribe button.

  3. testicular cancer

    Hi! This post of vortex optics ranger 1000 could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this golf device. This was one of his favorite! I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read and some innovative ideas. Many thanks for sharing mark! Keep us updated!

  4. Greetings Mark! Your article about Vortext Optics Ranger 1000 reviews is really very useful advice within this post! It’s the little changes that will make the biggest changes in the golf arena. Many thanks for sharing your thought. Truly appreciated.

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