Top 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Golf (No 1 and 2 are Interesting)


Golf is one of the lesser dominated sports on the main stage. Whilst the sport has risen to prominence through sportsmen like Tiger Woods, or the relaxing exploits of President Barack Obama on vacation and his high list clientele playing a round on the course of the vineyards etc.

Golf is simply a club and ball sport, meaning players essentially use different types of clubs to hit quite simply, a ball into a series of holes throughout a course with the aim being as minimum strikes as possible.

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Golf quite simply is one of the few games that don’t require a designated or standardized playing area. Once played on a course with an ordered progression through a series of holes, either 9 or 18 holes making it up. Each hole has a tee box that you start from and a putting green which contains the actual hole, with standard terrain forms such as fairways, rough and hazards but the holes are each different and unique in layout and arrangement.

Basics of golf

Golf is played for the lowest number of strokes to score in the hole, or for fun. In this format is typically called stroke play, meaning literally lowest strokes on the most holes. Stroke play is the most popular and accepted form of golf known.

The history of golf goes far back as far as the 15th century in Scotland, with the game’s ancient origins still unclear and very opinionated. Persons have figured it traces back to sports of Roman origin in which a bent stick hits a stuffed leather ball, while others cite Chinese origins as far back as the 14th century.

Over the years there have been various games that have been devised as the true origin of Golf with no clear cut answer found to date.

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Health Benefits of golf

With golf the major benefits to health are the main reason why many persons play the sport to begin with. Golf has for years been seen as the sport of the rich, while the average Joe stayed away from it believing it to be expensive to partake in. while it is an expensive sport to maintain and play, its health benefits are unparalleled. Among the health benefits of golf, 6 of these include;

  • Exposure to the atmosphere: The playing of golf on the course can span spaces as small as a few yards, to as large as 200 acres which requires outdoor playtime. Being able to enjoy nature at its finest provides us with many different health benefits for both mind and body. Golf is a mind and body relaxer in the simplest form.
  • Helps foster relationships: Golf is a sociable sport. Golf is extensively enjoyable and the social nature of it has resulted in it being so greatly taken to by the major companies for sponsorship and endorsement deals to increase presence. Golf is a great opportunity to keep in touch with friends, allows for individuals to meet new persons and helps to bring communities together.
  • Golf is a game that is not highly intensive or competitive; for that persons can play football or basketball. Golf fosters plenty of down time and silence for the player to focus or interact with fellow golfers. Many business deals have been closed on a business course, so it not only fosters relationships but fosters new business relationships as well.
  • Strengthens the bladder: Golf can help strengthen the bladder, yes hard to believe but it can. As surprising as it may seem, the regular trips to the golf course for an active round of golfing with friends can give your bladder a run for time. The more your body becomes to learn that to hold it, the more the strength capacity of your bladder is increased. Many women golfers say that it’s also effective in strengthening leg muscles, especially the quadriceps. How you may ask? During all those squatting or crouching manoeuvres.
  • Burns calories: while being a low impact sport, with minimum involvement of sweaty overly aggressive athletes, it burns calories. While no high intensity movements, and no contact with other athletes, it burns calories. Covering a field or putting green of varying lengths from a few yards to many acres means you’re going to be doing a lot of walking.
  • Persons cheat this by using golf carts, but if you really want to lose the weight you’ll walk the course. If you opt to carry your clubs with all the supported weight, you will burn even more, extra plus. With all the swinging involved and muscular involvement to carry it through, a golfer can burn up to 1000 calories in an active game of golf.
  • Keeps your heart rate up: A round of golf can lead to a nice round of some necessary exercises in particular for your heart. An increase in heart rate goes a long way in particular in regards to your brain. The intense walking, carrying and swinging will increase the heart rate and this in turn increases blood flow. This will lower the risks for heart disease, and help lower your levels of bad cholesterol, which everyone strives to achieve.
  • The best indirect benefit is the brain benefits as it stimulates nerve cell connections. This can help delay illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The daily challenges go further to boost self confidence as well.
  • Golf improves vision: Yes, golf can in fact improve vision. It requires good, pretty good in fact vision to zoom across a field and catch your sight on the little round white ball that may be yards away. Golfers hone in on small targets from long distances and even when the ball is on the tee, before swinging, they are presented with the opportunity to evaluate the keen vision which improves hand eye coordination.

 Improves Well Being: It’s not only our physical body benefit from playing golf, but of course, mentally and psychologically too. Golf can boost your happiness level especially when you made a successful game. Aside from that, it involves developing Friendship by playing with friends; Fitness through moving around the course and stretching when swinging and hitting the ball; and of course, BEING IN NATURE.

Playing around the green with fresh air reduces stress, anger, and fear, and anxiety. Friendship, Fitness, and Being in Nature contribute to achieve positive well-being.

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With golf being a less intense sport than other mainstream options such as football, basketball etc, the health benefits of golf are still quite noticeable in their own way, making golf a suitable alternative to medication for stressed individuals.

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