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Best 6 Golf Rangefinders of 2017 in USA – An Unbiased Buying Guide

If you are reading this post, you have probably stumbled upon this site due to your immense love for golf or you are a passionate golfer who knows the benefits of playing golf. I am Mark Hanson, a golf trainer in Arizona at Baltimore Club and I will guide you throughout this post to choose the best golf rangefinder. The best six reviews for golf rangefinder and a buying guide that will help you in choosing the best one with no future regrets has been included in this article that is comprehensive enough to answer all your queries.
Let’s dive deep!

The Best 6 Golf Rangefinder of 2017 to Transform Your Golfing Experience

Every contemporary sport is now including an upgraded technology to increase its working ability. The enhancement in technology in any sport strengthen multiple aspects of a game such as speed, time management, accuracy and much more. Many sports have incorporated latest technology to increase their efficiency.

For instance, in international cricket and tennis, a computer named Hawk-Eye is used to trace a ball’s trajectory. Golf too has embraced technologies for an improvised professionalism. Apart from having the Snell golf balls the golfers should something extra in their game.

An extra pinch of technology to take golf to a new level. Golf rangefinders are one of the most superior technology in this sport. It facilitates the golfers with a better understanding of the game and thus enables more accurate decisions.
The computation of distance is one of the toughest jobs for a golfer that is simplified with a golf rangefinder. It makes the task of calculating yards in the course much easier than when envisaging upon the task without it.

Here are the best six reviews for golf rangefinder.

1. Best rangefinder with jolt: Bushnell Tour Z6

Tour Z6 is the latest device on market with a higher magnification of about 6 times. Its new vivid and fast display technology help in reading from 5-125 yards with an accuracy of the ½ yard. It has a waterproof shell with a better-looking designing. Z6 helps in measuring the distance from 5 to 1300yards and offers a wide field view than its predecessor V2.
With its Jolt technology and ergonomic design gives a satisfying performance without any complicated operation. It is one of the recommended golf rangefinders of 2017.

Image of Bushnell Tour Z6



Unlike V3 it is an upgraded version with more enhanced functions. The tour Z6 comes in the vibrant color scheme. He body is a combination of white and black with red accents in the key position. More than half of the body is covered with rubber material, which offers a comfortable grip.
It avoids slipping and is sturdy of its composition. The manufacturers of Bushnell have also added a carry bag for easy portability.
A small and compact unit gives a great experience to the user.


Apart from the flagsticks, this mode helps in locking any target. It is designed in such a way that it identifies Apart from the flagsticks, this mode helps in locking any target.
It is designed in such a way that it identifies the closest object ignoring the background targets like trees.
This is one of the tried and a true Bushnell technology, which is expert in locking the appropriate target.


The 2nd generation of ESP (extreme speed precision) has taken this device to a new level. The user can experience an increase in yardage speed by 5 times and a speed doubled than before. Golfers now have a new cut technology to edge over their shots and obtain accurate results.

Display technology

The Bushnell Z6 incorporates a new vivid display technology that displays the information in red. This makes the user read the information even on the dark backgrounds. It facilitates in 4 levels of brightness but only two levels come in handy regardless of the lighting conditions.


For a golf rangefinder with excellent performance and features, the price is quite competitive. It is not an ideal value of this product.


Easy to use

Bushnell Tour Z6 is a sharp looking device. Its vertical orientation and the main portion of the body enveloped in rubber offers a great grip. It weighs only 7.9 ounces. Bushnell facilitates in a carry pouch that features both in the zipper and in a magnetic latch.
The display is clear and sharp with a tint to a reduction in glare. The 6x magnification is common amongst the rangefinders but its wider field view feature is remarkable in every test. In addition, it offers every speed, which the golfer is comfortable in handling.

Easy operation

Players need to firmly press the button to turn on the machine and do the same to turn it off. A firm press really means a FIRM press as firing button of the Z6 requires some effort in shooting the button. There are only two buttons located on this machine. One, a red laser to turn on the device and fire the laser.

Second, the mode button that facilitates the user in accessing the setup menu. With this button, one can adjust the brightness and unit of distance. Yet, the user cannot change the style of aiming.
Tour Z6 uses only a single CR2 3-volt battery that is inserted through a twist cap below the viewfinder. It is recommended to change the battery every six months.

  • • New display technology with red aim.
  • • Wide-field view.
  • • Waterproof.
  • • Can display 1/10th of a yard under 125 yards.
  • • 2-year warranty.
  • • Firing button requires a firm press.
  • • Can calculate only straight line distance.
  • • Limited optical scope across landscapes.
  • • Limited ability to receive updated distances.
    Special note
    One of the most advanced tech savvy device that is worth possessing by golf lovers. Its accurate reading and timely target locking will never let you down.

Last words

Understanding modes and operations are pretty easy in this device for it is quite a user- friendly and simplistic for the users. It is quite easy to switch between its yards and meters for distance accuracy. A well-known device amongst the professionals and a great start for amateurs. Its waterproof property allows it to work well even in rainy season without causing any hindrances for the players.

2. Best rangefinder with slope: Bushnell Pro X7

Review Image of Bushnell Pro X7

As we all know that Bushnell is the leading brand in the dynasty of golf.Eversince the attainment of flagship, the golfers have loved and cherished it as one of their favourite brands.
With so many models released in a row, Pro X7 is the most recommended device. I fact in 2014, as per a survey 905 of PGA players used Bushnell Pro X7. It is a step ahead of Bushnell Pro 1M and facilitates the users with excellent features.
Let us have a sneak peek into what this device has got.



Like other rangefinders, Pro X7 also comes with a groovy design. It is waterproof and won’t give you any worries even when you use it in the rainy season. Despite being heavier than the tour 6, the performance clearly outweighs the inconvenience caused by weight and the size seizes to matter.

Display technology

With help of this feature, one can use this rangefinder in any weather or lighting condition. No matter how dark or gloomy the weather is, you can always count on this device.

PinSeeker with jolt technology

This feature has taken the golfing to a new level. It is a great feature for the beginners and average level players. It allows a quick location of the pin against other objects on the course. After the target is locked the device vibrates with a jolt feature. This helps in letting the user know that the target has been locked.

E.S.P. 2

This device comes with a second-generation Extreme Speed Precision feature. This feature facilitates in an accurate yardage. This feature is extremely quick and faster than any other rangefinders today.

You can expect to have ranged from 5 yards to 1 mile. One can also measure the distance of 550+ to a flag.



This feature makes this device stand above all the golf rangefinders. It gives a compensated distance for changes in elevation. It gives the most accurate and exact measurements.


Unlike the other traditional rangefinders, that offers 6x magnification, Pro X7 facilitates in 7x magnification. This means you can see the target 7 times closure. It also offers to see the target in HD optics.

  • Pin seeker feature enhances the confidence of hitting the target.
  • Vivid display technology.
  • Accurate reading even in bad lighting.
  • Comes with a carry bag for convenience.
  • Rugged designing.
  • Definable durability.
  • 3-Volt battery.
  • Allows to change the yard readings.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Waterproof.
  • • Expensive than other golf rangefinders.
  • • Might be bulky for some users

See What the Users are Saying

    Special note
    This device needs a bit extra care to make it last longer.
    • Do not expose it to too much wet or moist
    • When screen is not displaying the results clearly you can restart the device or check the battery
    • Rangefinders are sensitive and should not be handled by children
    • Always refer the user annual when in doubt
    • Do not open the device on your own. Always consult an authorized technician

Last words

Bushnell is known for its quality rangefinders making the golfing even more comfortable especially for the beginners. Pro X7 is one of the best golf rangefinders because of the extra features it carries.

Its highest magnification gives the user a closer look at their targets. The only backdrop is its price but if you are looking for a quality golf rangefinder then it is worth its price.

3. Best rangefinder for tour: Bushnell Tour X

This golf rangefinder is another great device from the house of Bushnell. With its exchange technology, the golfer can use the patented slope technology and transition to a device that conforms to USGA.

The dual display technology helps to toggle between the red displays. Distance finding with this rangefinder is unlimited. One can find trees, sand traps and much more with help of this device. Let us look at some of its features and see what this device can do.

Image of Bushnell Tour X



The top and bottom panels are grippy, which makes this device easy to hold in hands. A golfer can handle it even when he or she is wearing gloves. The golfer can toggle between the red and dark displays with an ease.

It becomes quite useful in the evening when there is no light and in the daytime when there is extreme sunlight.

Pin seeker technology with jolt

For an easy location of the target, this device comes with a pi seeker. The jolt technology helps to make sure whether the target has been locked or not. This you check by an immediate vibration. This feature is quite efficient when you are running short of time.

Second generation E.S.P

Extreme speed precision helps in faster and most accurate yard measurements. It saves the trouble of any miscalculations between you and your target. Thus, with help of this feature, a golfer can never miss their targets and can enjoy their game with optimum efficiency.

Easy to use

Bushnell is offering commendable functionality with the easy and advanced features they offer. It is a well-made device that fits accurately in the hand.
The most remarkable feature is the easy changing of brightness setting and switching between the meters and yards. Its battery compartment opens up easily without any use of tools.

Tour X comes with a state of art case that will amaze you. It contains two enclosure systems including a zipper enclosure and an elastic band. What attracts the most is that there is no need of closing it fully during your round, the case can be opened enough to slide the laser in and out of the case without falling.



Similar to the other traditional golf rangefinders available, this device also boasts of an effective 6x magnification. This implies that you can see your target 6 times closer. It enables accuracy when it comes to calculation of yardage. Its magnification ranges from 5 to 1300yards and provides accuracy with a minus or plus 0.5.


Speaking of slopes, Tour X has two faceplates. One enables the slope adjustments and the other makes a conforming laser for tournament play.

Dual display

Some users are muddled up between the red or black display. To avoid this problem, Tour X has been built with a dual display that allows the users to toggle between the black and crisp red display. This setting depends on the weather and lighting conditions.

Exchange technology

With help of this technology, the golfer has found a new way of playing their game. It provides slope and makes it legal for the tournament. With any changes in the elevation, users can adjust the yardage accurately. This is illegal in a tournament but not with Bushnell Tour X..

  • • Grippy designing.
  • • Undisputable performance.
  • • Easy to use.
  • • Easy to operate
    Special note
    Although this is a bit expensive device its high-end features justify its price tag. If you want the best golfrangefinder then this device will never disappoint you.

Last words

TourX is a great answer to your search of a great line rangefinder. Its perfect combination of accuracy, speed, and durable features makes it one of the best rangefinders in the golf market.

4. Best rangefinder with laser: Bushnell Pro X2
Review Image of Bushnell Pro X2

Bushnell Pro X2 has made the traditional practice of choosing a golfrangefinderbased on preferences obsolete. Its advanced functionality is enough to satisfy all your preferences with one single product.


Easy to use

The basic functionality that it offers is the same as all others. One just has to press the button to start and stop the device. The Bushnellway of deploying the superior advanced features strikingly sets the device apart.

It is no longer a necessity to turn the slope mode on and off or go on scrolling through the menus, it is enough to flip the switch located on side of the device. Similarly, mode Button is enough to change the display. It makes it a breeze to adjust the brightness, and transition from yards to meters or make simple decisions such as to feature the yardage display to the tenth of a yard or not.


The size and grip is another example of great designing by Bushnell. It feels firm and sturdy in hand and the size is comfortable enough to be clenched in a fist.

Another feature to be proud of is the rangefinder case. Every golfer loves its dual closure feature. The elastic band comes in handy during the multiple rounds of speed and the zip prevents it from falling. The netting on the side secures the device from falling even if you forget to zip it.

Another striking feature about its designing is its waterproof quality. Let not rain discourage you, for now, it is possible to use a golf rangefinder even in case of rains without any possibility of damage.


Dual display technology

It is one of the fast and accurate golf rangefinders in the golf world.
The major feature upgrade that adds to the functionality is the capability to toggle between the black and red at a mere push of a button.
This feature is not new in the market but its slope switch technology lets the user know their shot up or down will play.


It offers 6x magnification of a target. This means you can look at your target 6 times more closer for an intended shot.

PinSeeker with jolt technology

As discussed in above rangefinders by Bushnell this feature works the same for this device as well. The PinSeeker technology helps in pinning the target accurately and the jolt technology locks the target. With help of a vibration, one can make sure that their target is locked.

  • • Sturdy designing.
  • • Fast and accurate lightning.
  • • Analog control for useful features.
    Special note
    This device is among the highest selling golf rangefinders in the market. It is meant for aspiring and passionate golfers. Getting accurate and clear readings makes the game even more interesting.
    Bushnell is a great and competitive brand. It keeps on improving their devices every year. Although every device from the house of Bushnell is expensive their features are worthy of their price tag.
    You can also check out the Bushnell G-Force DX ARC, which is also a laser rangefinder loaded with multiple and advanced features.

Last words

The only thing that makes one vary of buying Bushnell is its high price. However, all the features that it offers are worth the expenditure and make this rangefinder long lasting and durable choice that will stay with you for years to come.

5. Best rangefinder for money: TecTecTec VPRODLX

TecTecTec is a new entrant in the market that has entered the space only a few months ago; its popularity is still on the rise.

It is a great functional upgrade to its predecessor VPRO 500 that boasts of new and advanced features that make it better than VPRO 500. Only a few tests and experiments have been enough to win this golf rangefinder place among the top-notch devices and this is precisely why it is made to the best six lists.

The long-range measurement and accuracy are some features that are enough to impress any golfer. Some other great features that make it a wise choice are its waterproof construction and long battery life. Below are the features in detail to let you decide if it is the ideal device for you.

Image of TecTecTec VPRODLX



A compact size device specially designed to fit accurately and comfortably in your hand. Its two buttons (power and mode) are easily accessible. In addition, golfers can adjust the eyepiece to make it usable for a variety of visions.
Overall the quality is up to the mark and worthy of its price. This waterproof device is available in three colors (red, black and white), which makes it even more impressive. Talking of its protection, it comes with a best rangefinder case that fits this device exactly.

Easy to use

VPRO DLX is incorporated with two buttons. One, power button. This allows easy switching on and shutting down of the device and other the mode button that lets you switch between the modes with just one click of the button.
Since it operates only on these two buttons learning to operate this device is quite simple and easy.

Fully Equipped Rangefinder

VPRO DLX is extremely lightweight and its measures make it one of the best portable device. This rangefinder is fully loaded with a free Cr2battery, start guide, premium rangefinder case, a wrist wrap, and a cleaning cloth. The case is shock resistant that safeguards this device against poor weather.

PinSensor Technology

With this technology, the user can locate their targets accurately and precisely. Its first target priority mode lets you display the closest of the targets.



This waterproof rangefinder can measures up to 600 yards and helps in accessing the distance between you and the golf flag. With just one look, this premium device can take your game to a completely new level.

Fast measuring device

VPRO uses the latest technology that makes it accurate and flexible for any golfer to measure the distance between their targets. All thanks to its multi-layer coating and 6xmagnification that helps in giving a clear view of the target.

  • • Lightweight and easy to carr.y
  • • Fast readings.
  • • High quality.
  • • CR2lithium chargeable battery.
  • • Compact designing.
  • • Available in slope
  • • Inaccurate Readings.

See What the Users are Saying

    Special note
    With all the features mentioned above, this device is extraordinary in some more ways. It is an automatic energy saving device, which automatically shuts down when not in use.

Last words

of a strap. This shock resistant armor is sturdy and protective against any impacts. Losing a game will be a thing of the past with this high performing device. The price falls in the higher end and might discourage you in the beginning but for the golfers who need an efficient performance with their device, VPRO DLX is certainly the right choice.

6. Best new rangefinder: Precision Pro/h2>

This is the last one on the list and one of the latest devices in the golf world. Precision Pro aims at providing the golfers with not only laser and GPS rangefinder but also it is best golf rangefinder for money that is not short on its features. NX7 Pro is the latest model of Precision Pro offering a tech-savvy device with slope and vibration.
It is a good idea to look at the features and performance in detail to ascertain if it is the right choice. Look below:



As the name suggests it precisely fits in the hand and gives the most comfortable view.
Its color scheme makes it more interesting and impressive. Neon green shade with the black combination is an eye-catching and appealing visual detail that offers a superior look and its carrying case is also a great competition to the other rangefinder cases. The eyepiece offers a red pop that makes the details legible and easy to read. The design incorporates an important feature i.e the mode button that allows switching easily between the modes or changing the measurement metric.

Fast speed

Rangefinders with faster speeds are a coveted choice among golfers. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow rangefinder and it is a great put off for all golfers. Noone would opt for a device that takes forever to lock their target and provide the users with accurate yardage.

This is not with Pro 7 it takes only a few moments to lock the target and results in accurate and reliable readings. With help of this device, you will not stand endlessly scanning the whole landscape.


For golfers who are looking for a bit more in their rangefinders, this device is the best choice. It offers a slope technology that helps in considering the elevations when scanning the landscape. With help of this technology, the user can lock their target by taking into account various elevations.

A vibration technology is incorporated in this device that helps the user to know when the target is locked. This is a great advantage while you are checking the yardage where there are other objects in the background.



This is one of the most accurate and reliable rangefinders available in the market. It is accurate within one yard of the target and can measure the distance to the 1/10th of a yard.
To simply lock the target just press the button and your work is done.
It is easy to use without any gimmicks.


This device offers 6x magnification to the target. It provides a great view for n intended target. A clear view helps the golfer to lock the target accurately and precisely.
Multiple distance types
Pro 7 helps in easy switching between the measurements of the distance to the intended target. It allows an easy switching between the yards and meters. With one push of a button, you can measure the distance in meters or in yards.

  • • Water resistan.
  • • Shock resistant.
  • • Free battery replacement.
  • • Compact size.
  • • 2-year warranty.
  • • Does not have finish like Bushnell.
  • • Accurate readings depend on how you hold it.

See What the Users are Saying

    Special note
    It is one of the fastest and accurate rangefinders that pick up the readings in 1 second. In addition, a tournament legal rangefinder allows measuring the distance even when the Adaptive slope mode is turned off.

Last words

Pro 7 is one of the best devices to compete with other branded rangefinders. This device is specially made for the golfers who never compromise with quality and their game. It is accurate, safe, easy to use, cost-effective and durable. If you are new to the laser rangefinders then this will never let you down.
Things to consider before buying the best golf rangefinder
Going for golfing without having any clue about the course will surely make you feel lost. However, if you have a good rangefinder then this won’t happen to you.
So listed below are ten basic things you should keep in mind before purchasing a golf rangefinder.

So listed below are ten basic things you should keep in mind before purchasing a golf rangefinder.

1. Distance

One of the basic feature in rangefinders. A target is depended upon the range coverage. 350-450 yards for a flag is considered as an excellent distance coverage. For the bigger targets, ideal yardage should be above 600 yards. A good rangefinder is the one with maximum yardage of 800.

2. Accuracy

There should be a perfect proportion between accuracy and range coverage. Most of the leading brands claim to have an accuracy of ±1 yard for distances more than 600 yards.

3. Size

A great rangefinder should be lightweight and compact. Most of the rangefinders are ergonomically designed to fit precisely in your hand. Ideal weight for a good rangefinder is 6-8 ounces.
Never compromise on your comfort thus, choose the one which has a great grip and offers optimum comfort.

4. Zooming

If there are multiple objects close to us then becomes difficult to choose the right target. Thus, a good rangefinder should have the capability of zooming the right object. Ideal zooming is considered to be 6x, which helps in magnifying the right objects in the course.

5. Other features

Passionate golfers are always on the lookout for extra features in a rangefinder. PinSeeker Technology, Jolt Technology, and vivid display are some features that interest me and other passionate players alike.
PinSeeker technology is the one that helps in locating the perfect target and Jolt technology helps the player to determine the locking of the target with a vibration.

Vivid display technology ensures that the user is able to see the objects clearly and with perfect lighting. This helps in playing faster and better.
Some rangefinders combine the waterproof functionality that allows the user to seamlessly use it even while it rains.
While all the features may sound impressive it may be quite expensive to have them all and hence you can choose your priorities based on budget.

Following the approach of if you don’t need, don’t get it will help you in making the right decision.
There are many good rangefinders in the market without these hi-tech features.

6. Easy usage

the rangefinder is a device to simplify your game, so always remember to keep it simplistic. If you are buying the first rangefinder then remember that your purchase must not pose complications that you find difficult to understand.

7. Battery life

Golfing is a time-consuming game. Hence, one charge is enough for a rangefinder. Lithium batteries are commonly used in these devices. Some high priced rangefinders use CR-2 lithium batteries, which is great.
Always check the quality of the batteries and see if they are replaceable or not. Remember to keep the batteries always from extreme weather conditions.

8. Approval of USGA

Rangefinder must be approved by USGA (United States Golf Association) in every tournament. It is a mandate for every rangefinder to be approved by USGA. The laser rangefinders with a slope rejected by the authorities in a tournament. There are rangefinders, which have the ability to shut down this feature in a tournament.

9. Brand

Bushnell, Nikon or Leupold are some high-ranking brands in the golf world. Non-branded rangefinders are available but you should check their features before purchasing them.

Simmons rangefinder is another brand that you should consider as it is affordable and offers many hi-tech features.

10. Pricing

Go for a rangefinder that suits your need. Good rangefinders are expensive but worth it. A rangefinder is an investment so do not let the price decide your need. A good device will never leave any future regrets.

How do we pick the best golf rangefinder

Features have always been the topmost priority in judging a golf rangefinder. Not only basic features but there are other criteria for the judgment.
Calculating the distance, advanced technology, magnification, pointing out targets and PinSeeker technology are some other sneaks peeks. Below are some features that one should not ignore while looking for a golf rangefinder.

1. Common features

A rangefinder is one of the crucial gadgets to choose. It is recommended to check the features and type of rangefinder you are looking. Shape, model, price, and size are some key factors to look upon when buying a golf rangefinder.
A rangefinder should be lightweight and compact in design so that it can be carried anywhere conveniently. Research and then decide the best one suiting your preferences.
A renowned brand like Bushnell, TecTecTec and much more are leading the golf market.

2. Accuracy

This is the most important feature, which golfer looks in their rangefinders. Accuracy is the key to a perfect assistance. Most common accuracy offered by manufacturers is half a yard. Consider this accuracy and you will reach the point of perfection. You can try Nikon Prostaff 7Land Nikon ACULON AL11 for the most accurate and precise shots.

3. Speed

4. Display

A rangefinder with a good display includes the display contrast, size of the numerical readouts and quality of targeting. Rangefinders with 6x magnification are considered to be ideal. However, there are a few rangefinders offering magnification of 7x like Bushnell X7.


1. What is the major difference between hunting and golf rangefinders?
Golf courses have a flag in front of every obstacle. Therefore, golf rangefinder will lock the target near to it. Whereas, woods are crowded so hunting rangefinders go for the farthest target.

2. Is laser golf rangefinder accurate?
Most manufacturers claim that laser rangefinders are accurate with plus or minus a yard. This means that a target with 50 will read as 49 or 51 but not 48 or 52.

3. Which is better, a GPS rangefinder or a laser rangefinder?
Both have their own pros and cons. Gps devices are cheap. You can buy watches and Gps units under $100.
On the other hand, a laser rangefinder is a little bit expensive. They cross the $200 mark. These are more accurate when compared with GPS ones as they give you the exact reading of the flag.

4. Can a rangefinder be made at home?
Yes, if you are a DIY person then you can absolutely make one at home. All you need is a cardboard, webcam, coding, and lots of tricks. Overall, this DIY project is for computer buffs.

5. Are golf rangefinders legal in the tournament?
Tournaments like of USGA allow straight-line device only. Some rangefinders are available in the market with the legal mode. However, if you are playing golf alone or with friends just for fun then there everything is legal.

6. What are some top brands of rangefinders?
Top five golf rangefinders manufacturers are Bushnell, Nikon, TecTecTec, Leupold, and Callaway. All the devices made under these brands are tournament legal and range from lowest to highest.

7. How to use a golf scope rangefinder?
Scopes are cheaper and simple to use. They use geometry instead of lasers. One can see lines drawn on the display after looking through the scope. These lines are helpful in lining up the flags. These are not very tech-savvy as the laser rangefinders and are not very accurate in their readings. However, the low price may be a motivating factor.

8. Why these rangefinders do costs high?
Golf rangefinders are equipped with advanced technology. It is quite easy to locate your target with this advancement that takes the experience of the game a notch higher. This is why the cost of the golf rangefinder is so high. For exampleVortex Optics Ranger 1000 can target up to 1000 yards giving hunters and shooters a wide range for making accurate shots. This feature makes this rangefinder expensive.

9. Why are rangefinders used?
A rangefinder is used to determine the distance to the flag instantly. It considerably increases the speed of playing and helps avoid the hazards in marking the distance. Also, it helps in making you better at golf.

10. How is distance calculated by golf rangefinders?
The laser moves 300 million per second and calculates the distance based on this number. This does not change because the speed of the light is constant.

11. What is the purpose of playing golf?
Playing golf is a necessary exercise that helps in improving mental health and improves your physical fitness.

How to take care of golf rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is the best buddy to a golfer and he or she does not want to lose it any cost. So, here are some tips to take care of your golfing partner for an easy and comfortable play every time.

1. Never let it fall. Most of the devices experience malfunctioning due to falling. Though they are made of durable material parts inside are sensitive and should be kept properly.

2. Clean your device after every use. Dirt particles are likely to enter the device on the course and it might damage the device. Use cotton or soft cloth to clean the device and its parts.

3. Rangefinders are waterproof but that doesn’t mean they should be kept moist. Always dry out the device and keep them safely inside their case. Make sure that you remove the water from the chambers inside the device.

4. Always keep the device in its case. These cases are waterproof and keep your device safe and sound.

5. Battery adds life to the device so make sure you take extra care of the batteries. There are chances of chemical deposition in the battery chambers. It is recommended to clean the battery chamber after every use and keep the chamber dry.

6. Keep it away from the reach of children. Keep it in a safe place where children cannot get hold of this device. They might break it or pour liquid on it.

7. Remember to consult its doctor. When your device is not responding properly, make sure that you show it to a service center or an authorized technician. Do not fix the problem on your own.


Golf rangefinders are a great device for golfing. They are not only expensive but are expensive as well. Following the above guidelines will surely help you to make the right choice that will serve you for years to come.
Hope I gave you enough information regarding the best golf rangefinders.
Happy shopping!

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